What is a Junk Journal

OK, so this is going to end up being a double post, so I need to add some further info for you guys.

First off, it took me an hour of circling to find the old editor here, as I really do not like this new box editor, and could find no way to post the below video.

Secondly, I will take this opportunity to tell you, (now that I have found the old classic editor and it WORKS!!) that in order to save some server space on the new website (more space for uploads and traffic YAY!) I will post articles and videos here mostly, and the shop blog will be sending feeds about new products, deals, and freebies, so if you would like to be notified when the shop adds new items etc, please sign up to the mailing list HERE and also follow this blog right here, if you want notifications about new articles, videos updates, and other resources.

Still working on the website for a launch on Leap Day!

I’m about half way there, although real life has thrown in some wrenches, I am trying to not let them slow me down too much. If you are watching my progress there, you may notice nothing is likely to stay the same. I already made some changes to the menu there, in order to make both this blog, and the store seem seamless. I want to be sure they are both connected for the smoothest navigation experience. Some of the articles and resources I will be sharing with you on this blog, will also deal in part with SEO, traffic, and generally improving your own blogs and websites. You will also eventually see resources for self improvement, health (in the way of planners and journal keepers) as well as some refreshing spiritual uplifting and organising in the forms of clearing clutter, and Feng Shui.

NO, this is not one of those blogs or websites lol, I am NOT part of any high dollar opt in opt out JV party trying to take money out of your wallet, I’m an artist, and a business woman, with experience, knowledge, and even some talent ;) in the industry of art, media, fashion, and retro, vintage, and antique collectibles and textiles. If you would care to find a little more about that side of me, please visit the about pages on AHDesign and AngelWingVintage

Today I bring you a share from a friend. Many people are a bit confused as to the difference between a journal and a junk journal. Journals are obviously something you write down your thoughts, and notes into, even your art doodles, much like a diary.

Rather than try to tell you what Junk Journaling is, I will let my friend Marcy Coate show you through this video she just made for her sisters gift.

If I have any readers who love junk journaling, and actually have the ability to create and upload a video of their created journals, I will be (and always am open to) seeking folks who would like to be on a new CT (Creative Team) for this niche. You will have access to many of my junk journal kits to use in your creations and videos, for the return of help promoting the products. Eventually I will also add an affiliate app, and those who involved themselves early, and “stick around” lol, can’t stress that enough, will start out as automatic affiliates, at a higher senior payout level. Can’t go wrong ;)

Contact me with questions or requests as soon as now, and I will in the near future place a proper ad, and form for you to apply through later. In the meantime, I hope I find you all well, enjoy the video, and Allons-y

UPDATE JUNE 14, 2020

The store has been open and running smoothly for 3 and a half awesome months now. I have met some of you through convos in emails, and am so happy all of you are with me. I also thank my wonderful customers, who have been such a pleasure to serve, and hope to meet many more of you soon.

Also, the affiliate program for Color My Agenda, is in full swing. I decided that I would make the affiliate program available to customers only. This choice was both for security reasons, as well as my customers are special, and should be treated as such!

Hope you love some of the great things I have to offer. There is always more to come. We are just getting started!

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